Ava Hart

Personal Info
Full Name(s) Ava Gwendolyn Hart
Age 27
Gender Female
Height 5'
Weight Undisclosed
Affiliation Iron Fist Martial Arts League
Ava Hart is Raikou's secretary and caretaker. She takes her job seriously, always making sure that Raikou is content and that his good name is not sullied. Ava Hart typically speaks for Raikou when he is disinterested, due to her higher levels of professionalism. Given her inner thoughts, Ava Hart may have romantic feelings for Raikou that she is not aware of.


Ava Hart has medium length black hair, typically tied into a bun or ponytail, and piercing blue eyes. Hart has long legs and small breasts. Her typical attire consists of dress clothes, particularly jackets and blouses with skirts. Ms. Hart always wears glasses, but the design varies from large, coke-bottle glasses to small designer models.