Outskirts of Guilin Village.

is an old world village located in the Eastern continent (Believed to be Japan).

Guilin is a secluded two thousand year old village located in a forested area near on the mountainside.Guilin is much less advanced then the villages in the surronding area. The citizens of Guilin do not have electricity and use flame lit lanterns for light at night. It has a population of roughly 500 furries all intermixed and living peacefully amongst one another.

They occasionally get a merchant or a tourist once a year but they are an open community of furs who believe and share the old beliefs. They still wear traditional Japanese clothes, hold tea ceremonies, live in paper homes, and have an abundance of temples to worship nature gods and pray for fallen souls. The village isn't completely without defenses though, the village is home to one of the deadliest sword and martial arts styles. They also have one dojo where children learn various martial arts along with various sword skills. Since Guilin has never been at war or ever been targeted for one, people have lived without worry or care for years.

The village was founded by the grand elder 2000 years ago along with members of the Dash family.