Rin the Rabbit
Drawn by Calico
Personal Info
Name Rin the Rabbit
Full Name(s) Rin Souya
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 114cm
Weight 25kg
Alignment Neutral Evil
Status Active
Ability Name Electromaster
Rin the Rabbit is a character created by Konacha, one of the Founders of The Sonic Factory.

Rin is the 2nd heir to the Souya Family and 3rd in line to the leader of Feduran Village. He is also the half-brother of Konacha the Rabbit on their father's side.

A powerful magic user who is mainly electrical powers and can be very sadistic when fighting.


His ears have 5 red strips on each ear going down his ears as part of his father's bloodline. Deep blue eyes which stand out from his yellow fur with a white muzzle. The ears are always down and close together. He is thin looking somewhat pale.

He is always seen wearing a white shirt. Having black jeans and a black ribbon wrap around his ears all the way down along with the ribbons around his arms and body. The Black Ribbon is used to help control his powers, without the ribbon his electric powers can start to out of control a bit on higher level spells.


Rin believes only in power and trusts no one. He normally walks about believing that helping someone is only used if it will benefit him he will just up and abandon the person. He normally will walk around with a sarcastic tone and even when fighting he will invoke fear and has a sadistic tone. He is willing to join up in anything that gives him power and reputation. He believes that people who face him are foolish and won't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. Only a few people can control him, his parents and the elders of his village.

In a way, he can be too arrogant because of his powers, believing to be superior to other people due to his training but when he is pushed to the edge he will start to display hesitation and rush in without thinking. However, he can sense people with power and respects those with power.


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Chain SwordEdit

While it’s not a weapon he has on him, he uses his powers of Electricity to use his skill of Electromagnetism. Allowing him to create a sword made of iron sand with the iron particles that are very common in the world. The Chain Sword is the size of regular Katana that is solid in his hand and is makes the blade vibrate creating a chainsaw like effect and being able to cut though most materials with ease. However, he can change the swords shape and formation into a whip like object instantly if needed with the chainsaw-like quality still in use.


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Rin's abilities are mostly of the Electrical/Lightning Base. Due to his training, he does not need to cast the magic but in fact has the magic and power flow though his power which allows him to use his powers with little to no casting time.