Shadow of the East was a duel-RP by True & Konacha that took place in both Feduran Village & Guilin Village. A major RP that saw the destruction of Guilin Village and introduced a number of characters, most notably Rin the Rabbit and a number of other people related to Konacha and Milo. It was also the first Canon RP to show Konacha's power of Berserk Breaker.


The story takes place after the events of the Emerald Battle Tournament: Prologue. Konacha and other people head out east to the small secluded mountainous village of Guilin Village, home of Milo. The whole trip seems to be fine but after a few days in the quiet and peaceful area, the village is suddenly attacked by a larger neighboring village. Everyone suddenly finds themselves in a strange bloody conflict they want no part of and the cause of it all is a mystery. The only one who has a clue and holds the secrets of the unexplained war is Konacha.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Serenity Frazier
  • Juro Dash
  • Reiko Dash
  • Nell
  • Yuuji Souya
  • Luster Hikari
  • Reina Denpera
  • Tobias Theoden Skitch
  • Fuu Kai "Kero" Long
  • Eliza Everclear


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