Tsi Konen is a village nestled between forest, mountain, lake, and plain. The spirit of Undine dwells within the lake, protecting the village with an impenetrable layer of fog.

The residents of Tsi Konen are individuals who value privacy; among their numbers are researchers and arcanists, ninja, and a few individuals who have fled from society altogether. There is no real community within the village, as the natures of its residents lend more to solitude.

The village began hundreds of years ago as a single hut belonging to a lone magician, who saw the area as a prime location for his study of mana. The lake to the north, mountains to the west, forest to the east, and grassland to the south made the land a hub of virtually all forms of energy. Many arcanists seek the village for this reason, but it is not marked on any map, which makes finding it difficult.

Notable residentsEdit